Reprap Rampe 1.4 Kit Con Mega 2560 r3 + Heatbed mk2b + 2004 Controller LCD + A4988 Driver + Finecorsa + Cavi Per Stampante 3D

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Tags: 3d kit stampante reprap, Stampante 3d rampe kit mega, mega2560 scudo, cavo finecorsa, mega 2560 pro board, hanpose passo-passo, 3d, arduino, acquario rampa, micro atmega 2560, drv8825.

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Contenuto Della Confezione

1 x RAMPE 1.4 1 x Mega 2560 R3 5 x driver A4988 1 x LCD 2004 Con Controlle 1 x Heatbed MK2B 6 x Finecorsa finecorsa meccanico 6 x dupont cavo per interruttore Meccanico 1 x Cavo USB

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  • Sergunina Sv  — 

    I get all right, just some bent wires but nothing to worry about. Just need to ride and try

  • Wottwink  — 

    Because of customs and post problems it took a long time to get my order, which is not the seller's fault. Seller attentive to my messages and to extend protection, at last offered refund the problem was with Chinese mail shipping 4 shipments in one, still waiting for it to be fixed thanks to the seller I recommend this store, serious seller and committed thank you.

  • Lenyla12  — 

    Arrived just described, but the fitting display came a little damaged

  • Igushkingena  — 

    The box was crumpled, but it all looked whole. There is a nuance with a heating table, scratches are visible, see the photo