250 Densità Anteriore del Merletto Parrucca Brasiliano in Pizzo Davanti Parrucche dei Capelli Umani Vergine di Parrucche per le Donne Ricci Parrucca Capelli Umani hd Pizzo Frontale Parrucca

€211.43 €128.97

Tags: capelli umani parrucca, ombre colorate anteriore del merletto parrucca, 250 densità, ali perla, parrucca, kiki ricci parrucca, parrucca maschile, bang umani parrucca, frontal del merletto parrucca, ali grazia capelli.

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  • Materiale: Capelli Umani
  • Tipo Di Elemento: parrucca
  • Può Essere Permanentati: Sì
  • Marca: Dolago
  • Adatto Morire Colori: #27
  • Parrucche Lunghezza: lungo
  • Dei Capelli Umani Di Tipo: Capelli Brasiliani
  • Origine: CN(Origine)
  • Pezzi per Confezione: 1 Pezzo Solo
  • Parrucca Pizzo Tipo: Anteriore del merletto parrucche
  • Texture: Ricci
  • Il Materiale Di Grado: Capelli Vergini
  • Made Metodo: Metà Macchina E Metà Mano Legata

anteriore del merletto dei capelli umani parrucca

lunghezza: 14-24 pollici densità: 180%, 250% ad alta densità

la texture del capello

profondo ricci anteriore del merletto parrucca

pizzo dimensione

13x4 anteriore del merletto parrucca

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  • Mippytown  — 

    Great wig! I really did it very quickly (in 3-4 days) the hair is great and curl well

  • NUCerTc99m  — 

    The bits are great the delivery was fast frankly nothing to say

  • Gbowles619  — 

    The hair is really soft, and the size really matches, the seller is contact with me from the expedition of the product, and really I bought in this store out of curiosity and I stay there for conviction because this is the first time I buy hair online. Thank you very much for the gifts. I recommend this seller girls, launch you

  • Tusya 82  — 

    omg love it shipping was fast and the hair is really good .very soft.Hair is true the length.I've been wearing my wig for 4 days now with no tangling I've slept in it and washed it before installing with VERY minimal shedding. I will Definitely order again

  • Sjoerd Entz  — 

    I buy hair all the time from Ali express but I absolutely love this wig! I ordered 20 inch with 180 density. The hair is great quality and the lace frontal looks real identical to my scalp. The hair is so gorgeous and I’ve got soo many compliments on my hair since I had it. For as managing the hair: I recommend using conditioner and a detangler. Brush hair gently in the shower (try not to use the spray bottle to detangle because it will pull the hair out) it’s just best to do it while in the shower. I definitely recommend this wig if you’re looking for something with good quality, and want to wear in versatile styles! I installed this wig myself so if y’all have any questions let me know! Snapchat: imanisabriyaa